Supreme Court Has Canceled universal Vaccination * by Era Of Light — Higher Density Blog

Posted on 06/18/2021 by EraOfLight ERA OF LIGHT Supreme Court has canceled universal vaccination. Bill Gates, US Chief Infectious Disease Specialist Fauci, and Big Pharma have lost a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court, failing to prove that all of their vaccines over the past 32 years have been safe for the health of citizens! The lawsuit was […]

Supreme Court Has Canceled universal Vaccination * by Era Of Light — Higher Density Blog

Courage in the face of Adversity



“Trusting in God’s Grace, is where Courage comes from.”

Selma Ozkaptan





Hi, it’s been a long time since my very first blog. But now I’m here again, it feels really good!

I have had a yearning, to write about this dream experience, for a long time now. Especially because, it connects to what humanity is going through right now, in these fast changing times. Worldwide and in our own personal lives.

I wish to dedicate this blog, to my beautiful Mother, who past over in 1987. To all the amazing Masters in our lives, and to All of Humanity!






I found myself standing on some dry land. It felt and looked like night-time, but there was a warm glow around, like street lights, except there were no street lights that I could see.

As I observed my surroundings, I could see a broken down house, only, this house was made of mud, not bricks. It really felt like I was somewhere in Africa. The house was about thirty yards from where I was standing, and I could see a long high wall to my left, which looked like it was the front of the house. In the far end, it joined on to a veranda, that was  about four or five feet above ground level, and had steps coming down. It did not have a roof anymore, I could not see behind this wall, but it felt like, there wasn’t much of the house left.

Standing there, wondering why I was here, I suddenly heard a noise. It was like the sound, a kitten would make, only it was much stronger. As I searched with my eyes, to see where it was coming from, I heard it again and it brought my attention to the area where the veranda was.

Suddenly, it was like someone lit up the veranda, and I could clearly see, a lioness with two little cubs next to her. I love cats, especially lions, and was amazed at how near I was to them. Feeling overjoyed, it was crossing my mind, whether I would be able to go nearer and maybe even stroke them.

At the same time as these thoughts were crossing my mind, I had an awareness of a large lion, dwelling somewhere behind that wall.

Suddenly out of nowhere, it landed about ten or twelve feet, in front of me. It was like a giant lion, in a position, ready to pounce on its prey. I was petrified.

A million thoughts racing through my mind, of how I was going to get out of this situation alive. I remember thinking, that if I were to turn around and run, that I had no chance. Because this lion was so big, that one leap, and he would already be on top of me.

At that moment, I felt my mother’s presence. It was like time stood still for a few moments, while she was reminding me of the story she told me, when I was in my teens. Of when she was facing death, and she had to make a decision.

This was a while before I was born, around the early fifties. After her fourth child, she kept having miscarriages, only this time she was about eight months into her pregnancy. Because she was feeling unwell, she went to hospital to get a checkup. And before she knew it, she was admitted in, and had a doctor asking her to sign some papers, so he can remove the baby, which had died in her womb and caused her blood to be poisoned.

The doctor made it clear to her, that she was dying and that she didn’t have much time left. Maybe hours, and in order to save her, he had to act fast.

At that moment, she felt an overwhelming feeling of peace. She said it felt like she was connected to the higher mind of God, almost like, through her surrender he had taken over. That it felt like she was being carried through this, no matter what happened, everything was going to be ok! If she was meant to die with this baby, her children and family would be ok. If she was meant to live, then she trusted in the Grace and the higher mind of God, the creator of all, that everything would resolve itself!

She said no to the operation and the doctor started pleading with her, but she was not changing her mind. He went off to see what else he can do to help her. As he was talking with the other doctors about her decision. A friend of my mothers, who was a midwife on duty that day, ran to my mother, and pleaded with her, to have the operation. But my mother, calmly said no!

The doctor came back and said to her, he could only offer her an injection to help start the labour. But because she was so weak, he didn’t feel very hopeful that she was going to make it. So she was given the injection and left to her fate.

I remember her telling me, how, shortly after, it felt like someone switched the sound off, in the ward. She could not hear anything and she felt herself fading very fast, and going into a deep sleep.

Suddenly she was awoken by the loud noises going on in the ward, like someone had switched the sound back on. She felt something trickling out of her ears and nose, which later she was told, was blood. Seeing that, the doctors and nurses rushed to her and helped her birth her baby, which happened very fast.

Remembering all this, the same calmness and peace was now filling my heart. It felt like I was being held, and enveloped in Gods unconditional love. As I surrendered to this all-knowing power within me, and around me. I felt the fear disappear, as I looked into the lions eyes, all I could feel was unconditional love, for him and myself.

I calmly, and slowly, went down on my hands and knees, with my head bowing down to  this beautiful creature that God created. I felt the earth shake slightly, as it pounced up in the air towards me. All this was happening in slow motion. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I really didn’t care, because fear was Absent, from within me.

As he leaped towards me, all I could feel was his under belly, brushing gently over the back of my head. Wondering what was going on, I looked up and could see his under belly. He just pounced right over me and disappeared into the darkness of the night!



“No matter what adversity or fear we may confront, we are always inherently Free, to choose how to Be.”

James  Poulos




This dream experience, happened around April 2016. And I felt, or it was impressed upon me through the wisdom and understanding that came through this experience, that things were going to get more intense!

As if it wasn’t intense enough for the last decade or so, it feels like we have all been through the Creators boot camp. All fast forward, and each year speeding up faster and faster. With all the frequencies of light and energy shifting and evolving at such a fast rate. The planetary alignments, eclipses , the Sun, the Moon, the Earth. our atmosphere, our weather. Like the whole Universe is in some intense Tango!

All affecting our world, and humanity through our DNA that finishes up the old stories, that brought us to this point in our evolution. But, the majority of humanity just does not want to let go of these stories that they acted out in past lives. So that they may learn and grow as a soul, for the evolution of mankind. Mainly through fear and control, holding onto them like trophies which make them feel that this is what defies who they are.

As the frequencies have been getting more and more intense, to enable our atoms and cells to absorb new light and information. So that we may be able to create on our New Earth, with our newly realised powers. But what we have been holding onto, is only weighing us down, keeping us in the illusion that is our so called reality. Enabling the system of control to keep us in this amnesia, of feeling like we are this tiny helpless person on earth. This stunts our soul growth and evolution.

As this heaviness is pulling us down and the in coming new frequencies of light is pushing us up, it is creating friction in our bodies, our health and or lives.

Whatever you are going through in your life you have to remember, that you are not alone. You are a powerful being of light, an extension of God that he has created in human form experiencing and growing through you. Everything that God has created, is particles or cells, that make up the body of the Creator.

We are coming to the remembering that we are All Master Creators. And the realisation that we don’t need anything outside of ourselves, in the material sense, to create a happy, healthy and an amazing abundant life.

So, let go of fear and all the other emotional baggage, and reach deep into your heart, where the Unconditional Love, Power, and the Grace of God resides.

Surrendering to this, is where the Magic Begins !





This blog, is a part of a chapter from the book I am writing. To do my bit for humanity,  along side of, using many other abilities. To bring forth the wisdom and understandings, from a life long of extraordinary experiences that have accumulated over the span of fifty years or so. In the hope of Awakening Humanity to their TRUTH !

I will be in deep Gratitude, for your feedback with comments. If this blog has helped shed some light, in your life. And if so, I would truly appreciate it, if it would be kindly shared. As I am trying to learn, how to set up my website and platform in sharing.


In Gratitude

Selma Ozkaptan









The Lion’s Gate The Butterfly and my Father and Me


HI There World !
This is my very first blog and I feel the only way I could write this ,is as if I would be talking to a friend .
I wish to dedicate my first blog to my Father , who passed over on the 28th of August 2011. And to my beautiful children who encouraged me to do my real work , on this Earth plane , that I really came here to do ! To my great-nephew Sami too , who helped me set up my theme on my site, while patiently showing me how it all works !

Today is my Birthday 8th of August , but not my real birthday , its my official birthday ! It’s the birthday my father gave me by mistake , when we were leaving Cyprus to come to England in 1967 . They had lost my birth certificate and had to get a new one , so instead of him saying 8,4,1961 ( which adds up to the number 11) , he said 8,8,1961( which adds up to the number 33)!
But was it really a mistake , or was it meant to be ! Does our lives just happen , or is it all designed and encoded to hold the frequencies , in the letters of our names and the numbers in our date of birth . By US before we come down to this earth frequency of duality ,to experience , learn and grow as a soul awakening to our Truth on this Earth plane !

Up to the present moment , I have had an ordinary life with Extraordinary experiences ! Remembering back , approximately to the age of two ~three , I had an amazing childhood In Cyprus . My father worked in the RAF , way before I was born . He was a head chef there and he also did many other things , like fixing aeroplanes , carpentry ,building and Police guard .Yes he was a Jack of all trades ! Lol !


But before my parents had me ( I’m the youngest out of five ) My father had to go to Egypt for three years , with the RAF . While he was there, no one was allowed out of the premises . But not my father , he was a joker and entertained everyone with his adventurous and funny stories . Everyone loved and respected him , because like a Lion he could be playful , but if you pissed him off , well you got a ROAR ! Lol :))

Anyway the locals took a liking to him and used to sneak him out , they would invite him to dinner at their houses and take him on site seeing expeditions . They took him to the Great Pyramid in Giza , on a couple of his trips . This was in the 1950’s , can you imagine how much more magical it must have been then , going in the desert on camel to the Pyramids . now there is very little desert left around them !

I feel that when my father went in the centre of the great Pyramid , the frequencies of light upgraded his DNA . so when he came back and my parents eventually had me , I feel is probably the reason why I stayed awake and had a knowing of all the powers WE were all created with . Using most of my abilities, throughout most my life ( which will be many other stories to share lol ) But when I was little I couldn’t understand why everyone was going about their lives Sleeping ! i remember thinking why don’t they know , why are they just running and worrying after empty things . Didn’t they know they could create , what they wanted in their lives , manipulate weather and Time !

Because I felt so sad and confused of why I was here on this Earth . i used to cry every night while I talked to God , that I didn’t want to be here anymore then I had to , and whatever it was that I had to do ,for me to do it quickly and go back home ! well I ended up creating all sorts of exits ( like drowning and passing over ,being hit by a car in a bad way , car accidents ext . ( but those will be other sharing’s lol ) . I also had many spiritual experiences as their called . For me it was just being me on another level of existence’s , sometimes in sleep and sometimes awake, but being conscious and asking questions . Not that they ever gave me any answers or explanations , I had to work it out for myself when the time came , even if it took forty odd years on some of them!


One particular experience was when I was about nine years old , I found myself in what looked like a beautiful Desert , but not like on this earth plane . On the high frequency levels the colours the textures , everything is so serial and forget about 3D its like 20D lol ! I   was walking along in this Desert , trying to figure out where I was . when in the distance I saw a huge gateway , it was Gold with what looked like beautiful carvings on it . But it was just like a frame of a door without a door on it , but a giant one . As I walked closer I could see a man standing like a guard would , on the right side of the gateway . Getting closer I was surprised to see it was my father and noticed he had smudges of gold on his hands , like you would have if you were doing painting . I said Dad what are you doing here and he said ,” I have made this for you my daughter , and when the time comes you have to pass THROUGH it “. So then I just walked through the Gateway and found myself back here.

Up until 2011, just before my father passed , I just could not figure out what that experience meant . I knew that when my father passed it was the time I had to start my work properly , full on and not hiding behind my normal job . It was very frightening for me , coming out into the big wild world ,  speaking my Truth . I used to make my myself quite ill knowing it was getting closer ( that’s why it took me so long to write anything lol ) My father was very ill at that time , so I put all my focus on him . whenever I called him to see how he was , he always used to do a big roar like a Lion and say ” I’m as strong as a Lion” . So I had bought him a small soft Lion , while he was at the hospital and he would put it at the end of his bed and frighten the nurses .

At around the same time , I was being made redundant from my Airport job ( If you don’t leave on your own accord , God will give you a kick up the backside if you gave him certain promises and was reluctant to do it !!! lol ) This is the time that I started seeing Butterflies everywhere , real ones floating around me every time I went outside and even landing on my hands and not bugging . On every single card flowers and presents I received for my leaving do , had butterflies on them . So I started asking a lot of questions and got some answers back , making me relies why I experienced many other things and how all the pieces of the puzzle were coming together ,to put us on an accelerated influx , of Light and Information . Which would Upgrade our DNA too much higher frequencies , so that it would awaken us to our Powers and abilities , just like the Butterflies ! but that’s another blog too ! lol :))

freedom lion

A short while after my father passed , I had another one of my experiences . I was in the universe waiting for something or someone . When a huge Lion appeared , I was not frightened at all . It came up to me and put its paws around my shoulders , stroking its head on my cheeks and Loving me , like the All Encompassing Unconditional Loving Light Love of God ! Without a doubt I knew it was my Father !

In the hope that sharing these experiences will help someone out there , who may be reading this blog , understand how important the synchronicities in our lives are and how we all are an important part of this whole plan , in bringing humanity to ascension !

love and Gratitude to All

Selma Ozkaptan